Main course of first aid 16 academic hours

Being at the scene of an incident, a person often has only three means at their disposal, which are always with them: 1) the head - possessing certain knowledge of providing first aid; 2) the hands - capable of performing everything necessary in the situation; 3) a kind heart, which will not leave the victim in trouble. In other words, knowledge, skills, and willingness to help are necessary.

The 16-hour first aid course is intended for individuals who wish to acquire basic knowledge and practical skills to assist the injured.

According to Decree No. 80 (14.12.2000) of the Ministry of Social Affairs "Procedure for basic and additional education in health and safety at work," each institution must have a person who has completed the basic 16-hour course in emergency first aid and knows how to apply their knowledge when necessary.


The educational program is based on the main course of study of the Estonian Red Cross, which is in accordance with the educational standards of the European Red Cross and Red Crescent.
  • Assessment of the victim's condition, first aid tactics.
  • Assistance with breathing difficulties, foreign objects in the airways. Revival.
  • Stopping external bleeding, shock and its symptoms.
  • Wounds; causes, bandaging techniques; use of tourniquets, compression bandages.
  • Injuries and fractures. Signs of open and closed fractures, their complications. Ligament strains, dislocations, bruises.
  • Poisoning, burns, frostbite.
  • Assistance in case of electric shock, drowning, overheating and hypothermia of the body, seizures.
  • Training in practical skills for providing assistance to victims using available means.
  • Control of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


At the end of the course, the listener receives a Certificate of Completion of First Aid Courses accepted by the Estonian state.


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Cost is 109 euros.

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