First aid courses for driving schools

The training is conducted in accordance with the order of the Minister of Social Affairs No. 80 (14.12.2011). 

Requirements for first aid courses for drivers of vehicles, knowledge control, training tools and program.
The 16-hour course consists of:
  • 8 academic hours of independent work - theoretical preparation.
  • 8 academic hours of classroom work - theoretical and practical preparation, knowledge and practical skills assessment.


Training includes the following topics:

  • Assessment of the scene of the incident, actions in a stressful situation, evaluation of the victim's condition;
  • First aid for a victim who has lost consciousness, stopped breathing; revival;
  • First aid for injuries; internal and external bleeding, fractures, principles of splinting and associated risks;
  • First aid for a victim with severe bleeding, signs of medical shock;
  • Assistance for thermal, chemical, electrical injuries;
  • Assistance for poisonings, drownings, seizures;
  • Use of first aid supplies contained in a first aid kit.

and practical skills:

  • Opening airways, resuscitation on a mannequin;
  • Giving the victim the correct body position if in state of shock, respiratory failure, turning them into a stable lateral position;
  • Stopping external bleeding, applying dressings (using a tourniquet, pressure dressing), immobilizing fractures;
  • Specifics of providing first aid to an unconscious victim.


When preparing independently, you can use the materials on this website in the section MATERIALS.

At the end of the course, the listener receives a Certificate of Completion of First Aid Courses accepted by the Estonian Transport Administration.


The cost of the course is 60 euros.

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