First aid refresher course 8 academic hours

Intended for employees responsible for providing first aid at the enterprise.

According to Order No. 80 (14.12.2000) of the Ministry of Social Affairs, "Procedure for basic and additional training in health and safety at work", each facility must have a staff member who has completed a basic 16-hour first aid course. Every three years, this employee must update his knowledge, and the Employer is obliged to provide his employee with the opportunity to receive additional training.

The goal of this training is to review and deepen knowledge.

Upon completion of the course, the listener demonstrates their knowledge in the following topics:

  • Assessment of the victim's condition and the location of the incident; 
  • First aid for a victim who has lost consciousness, stopped breathing, resuscitation;
  • First aid for injuries; internal and external bleeding, fractures, principles of splinting;
  • First aid for a victim with severe bleeding, signs of shock;
  • Assistance for thermal, chemical, and electrical injuries;
  • Assistance for poisoning, drowning, seizures;


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At the end of the course, the listener receives a Certificate of Completion of First Aid Courses accepted by the Estonian Labour Inspectorate.


The cost is 60 euros.

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